Lincoln County Community Information

Whether our customers are new to Star Valley or have lived here for years, WTE works with you to do more than fulfill your title and  escrow needs. We are proud of our local communities and want to make sure all our customers have the information they need to continue their smooth journey well after all the documents have been signed. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful Lincoln County phone numbers that could come in handy whether you’re preparing to move or already in your new home.
lincoln county community info

School Districts

Lincoln County School District #1 (Cokeville, Kemmerer)307-877-4931
Lincoln County #2 (Afton, Alpine, Thayne)307-885-3811


South Lincoln Medical Center (Kemmerer)307-877-4401
Star Valley Medical Center (Afton)307-885-5852
Star Valley Medical Alpine Clinic (Alpine)307-654-5852
Star Valley Medical Thayne Clinic (Thayne)307-883-5852

Electric & Gas Utilities

Colorado Interstate Gas Co. (Kemmerer)307-877-3434
Lower Valley Energy (Afton)307-885-3175
Questar Gas Co. (Kemmerer)307-877-3155

Propane Utilities

Fall River Propane (Etna)307-883-5511
High Country Propane (Afton)307-885-5432
Salt River Propane (Thayne)307-883-8777
T-7 Propane (Kemmerer)307-789-2707


Valley Sanitation (Smoot)307-886-9235
Star Valley Disposal (Afton)307-885-9645
Miller Sanitation307-880-2023

Water / Sewer Billing

Town of Afton (Utilities)307-885-9698
Town of Star Valley Ranch (Water)307-880-9283

City and Town Information

Town of Afton307-885-8696
Town of Alpine307-654-7757
Teton County Clerk307-733-4430
City of Cokeville307-279-3227
Town of Diamondville307-877-6676
Town of LaBarge307-386-2043
Town of Opal307-877-3919
Town of Star Valley Ranch307-883-8696
Town of Thayne307-883-2668
Lincoln County Assessor800-442-9001
Lincoln County Clerk307-877-9036
Lincoln County Treasurer307-877-2040
Planning and Development (Lincoln County)307-885-3106

Fire Protection

Afton Volunteer Fire Department307-885-3584
Alpine Fire District307-654-7581
South Lincoln Fire District (Kemmerer)307-877-3442
Mid. Valley Fire Dept. (Thayne/SVR)307-880-3473

Police Departments

Afton Police Department307-885-3141
Cokeville Police Department307-279-3209
Kemmerer Police Department307-828-2340
Wyoming Highway Patrol307-789-3119
Lincoln County Sheriff (Afton)307-885-5231


Vehicle Registration (Afton)307-885-3825
Driver's Licenses (Kemmerer)307-877-9372
Driver's Licenses (Thayne)307-883-5003
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