Teton County Community Information

Whether our customers are new to Jackson Hole or have lived here for years, WTE works with you to do more than fulfil your title and  escrow needs. We are proud of our local communities and want to make sure all our customers have the information they need to continue their smooth journey well after all the documents have been signed. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful Teton County phone numbers that could come in handy whether you’re preparing to move or already in your new home. 
Teton County Community Information

School Districts

Teton County #1 Jackson307-733-2704
Lincoln County #2 Afton, Alpine307-855-3811
Teton County # 401 Driggs, ID208-354-2207


St. John's Medical Center (Jackson)307-733-3636
Teton County Public Health (Jackson)307-733-6401
Teton Valley Hospital & Surgicenter (Driggs)208-354-2383
Teton Valley Medical Center (Driggs)208-354-2302

Electric & Gas Utilities

Lower Valley Energy (Jackson)307-733-2446

Propane Utilities

Amerigas Propane (Jackson)307-733-3769
Suburban Propane (Jackson)307-733-3628


Westbank Sanitation, Inc. (Jackson)307-733-2615
Teton Trash Removal307-733-6840
Curbside Recycling307-733-8559
Recycling & Hazardous Waste307733-7678

Water / Sewer Billing

Street-Water-Sewer Departments (Jackson)307-733-3079
Waste Water Treatment307-733-4203
Water/Sewer Billing307-733-3932
Teton Village Water/Sewer307-733-5457

City and Town Information

Town of Jackson307-733-3932
Teton County Assessor307-733-4960
Teton County Clerk307-733-4430
Teton County Treasurer307-733-4770
Planning & Development307-733-3959
Teton County Engineer307-733-3317
Clerk of District Court307-733-2533

Highway Districts

Highway Patrol800-442-9090
Road Report888-WYO-ROAD

Fire Protection

Administration Office (Jackson)307-733-4732

Police Departments

Teton County Sheriff (Jackson)307-733-4052
Jackson Police Department307-733-1430
Animal Control307-733-2139
Crime/Incident Reporting307-733-2331


Driver's License (Jackson)307-733-4571
Vehicle Registration (Jackson)307-732-8200
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